TD Rates




  1. The Client shall acknowledge that they have received the INVESTBANK’s Terms and Conditions relating to the management of accounts and online banking services, and that they have read, understood, explicitly accepted and agreed to abide thereby.
  2. This Service shall be provided to INVESTBANK clients, including accredited companies with a Salary+ Account and a subscription to the Income Protection Service.
  3. The Client shall undertake to provide the Bank with a Salary Transfer Letter - issued by their employer on continues monthly basis - in order to define the account as a Payroll Account on the system.
  4. The Account provides several benefits, including the following:
    -    The Client shall be exempted from the Minimum Balance Commission, the Salary Transfer Commission and other debit and ATM cards-related monthly fees.
    -    The Client shall be eligible to receive - on a monthly basis - a 2% cash return on all local and international purchases of up to JOD 100 using debit and ATM cards.
    -    The Client shall have the opportunity to benefit from the iCash service and receive a personal loan of up to JOD 10,000 in accordance with the relevant general Terms and Conditions of product.
  5. In case of Client's services termination regardless of relevant reason, the Optional Income Protection Service shall stipulate that the Bank shall assist the Client through the Income Protection Service, by paying to the Client a three-month salary of up to a maximum of JOD 1,500 as a monthly salary regardless of their salary amount.
  6. For the purposes of subscription to the Optional Income Protection Service, the Client shall be charged a service fee of 0.5% of their salary transferred to the Bank under an authorization upon service request of up to a maximum of JOD 7.5. Deduction shall be made on a monthly basis. In this respect, the Client shall authorize the Bank to make the deduction on a monthly basis from the Client’s account.
  7. The Client shall benefit from the Income Protection Service provided by the Bank on a monthly basis in the event of termination of their services under the following Terms and Conditions:
    -    The Client shall provide the Bank with a Proof of Service Termination issued by their employer (i.e., issuer of salary) as per a letter issued by the Company (i.e., Service Termination - regardless of relevant reason).
    -    The Bank shall be provided with a copy of the Social Security Statement on a monthly basis, indicating the suspension of deduction of social security contribution due to service termination rather than resignation or dismissal. In this respect, the Income Protection Allowance shall not be paid unless the Bank is provided with the Social Security Statement on a monthly basis.
    -    This Service shall be dedicated to the Bank's clients who have spent at least one year in service prior to termination.
    -    The Client shall be subscribed to the Optional Income Protection Service for no less than 3 consecutive months.
  8. The Income Protection Service shall be paid to the Client one month after the termination date following the provision of aforementioned documents.
  9. This Service shall not include fixed-term contracts that expire at the end of their term.
  10. The Income Protection Service amount shall be credited to the Client's SALARY+ Account.
  11. The Bank shall suspend payment in case of Client employment before the end of this Service's three months, provided that the Client is no more than 55 years old at the time of service application.
  12. In case the Client ceases to pay the Service fees for a maximum period of two consecutive months, the Client will not be benefiting from the Optional Income Protection Service. If the Client wishes to re-subscribe to the Optional Income Protection Service, the previously-paid fees shall not be taken into account. To benefit from the Service, the client should subscribe a new period of 3 consecutive months to be enrolled again according to the Terms and Conditions.
  13. In case of the Client’s request to stop benefiting from the Income Protection Service, they shall not be entitled to claim the amount of the previously-paid Service fee.
  14. The Client shall be entitled to benefit from this Service only once throughout their service provision period.
  15. The Client shall undertake to inform INVESTBANK immediately upon taking up new employment. INVESTBANK shall have the right to recover any amounts paid to clients through this Service if any information provided thereto is found to be incorrect or if the Client has unjustly received any amounts from the Bank under this Service.
  16. The Bank shall have the right to cancel the Client's subscription to the Income Protection Service in cases where the Company is no longer accredited by the Bank. In this respect, the Client shall not be entitled to claim the amount of the previously-charged monthly subscription.