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Manage your accounts and cards, make payments and transfers, save money, and benefit from services like iCash.

Only available on our secure iBank platform.

How to register on iBank:

  1. Go to
  2. Click new user.
  3. Enter debit-card or credit-card number and pin code number.
  4. Follow the instructions.

Account Management

  • View your account(s) balances
  • View last 10 transactions
  • View your statement(s) of account(s)
  • View your account details
  • View your loan details
  • Open new account
  • Term deposit details
  • Cheque book request
  • IBAN enquiry
  • Viewing cheque image
  • ATMs and Branch locations
  • Loans & time deposit calculators
  • Secure messaging to communicate with INVESTBANK

Card Management

  • Credit Card list
    • CVV reminder
  • Credit card details
  • Credit card transaction history
  • Credit card payment
  • iStatement (free)
  • Debit card list
    • Activate / deactivate card
    • Pin reminder
  • Pin Unlock
  • Manage Credit card
    • Cash withdrawal
    • Contactless
    • Global Limit
  • Manage Debit card
    • ATM – Cash withdrawal limit
    • Point of Sale – purchase limit
    • Link to account
  • Flexible payment
  • Flexible payment history
  • Credit card request
  • Open credit card for internet usage
  • Credit card direct debit (cash + bill payment)
  • Control your credit card internet limit instantly
  • Cycle to date

Payment and Fund Transfer

Other Services

  • Personalization
    • iBank Profile
    • Customer info
    • Alerts
    • Accounts
    • Mobile No.
    • Change password
    • Security
    • Limit setup
      • Secure Messaging
      • Interest and commission certificate
      • Balance certificate
      • Activate Sanad ID.
      • Wealth management
      • CRIF

      • Latest retail offers and discounts

      • iVoucher
Contact Center +962 6 500 1515

We certainly realize that your time is highly precious Therefore, Invest Bank Contact Center enables you to obtain information related to your INVESTBANK account, Credit Cards or Loans 7 days a week from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm. It offers practical, safe and convenient banking experience - whenever you like, wherever you happen to be.

Below are list of the common services that we provide:

Accounts All accounts & loans inquiries
Cheques All Cheques inquiries
Cheques representation
ATM Network ATM Monitoring
Visa Electron Emergency stop (Lost - Stolen - Fraud)
Card Activation
Charge Back (Dispute forms)
PIN counter reset
SMS Service Subscription
Mobile Number Change
Amending service features
Credit Card All Credit Card inquiries
Emergency stop (Lost - Stolen - Fraud)
Card Activation
Charge Back (Dispute forms)
Amending settlement account
Amending settlement method (4% - 100%)
Amending address & Phone number
Open Limit for internet & mail order usage
Applying for Credit Card Installment Program
PIN counter reset
iBank iBank Support
iBank Account unlock

Our team will be glad to serve you. To speak to our representatives please callat +962 6 500 1515 and we will be pleased to serve you, fast, efficient and effective.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Our ATMs are installed everywhere so that you can access our services from the closest point possible. You can withdraw cash and perform various other banking transactions any time of the day even during Fridays and official holidays from any location having our ATM machine. Cash withdrawal.

There are several services you can get by accessing any of our ATM machines. All you need to do is insert your Visa Electron Card into the ATM machine and you will be able to utilize the following services:

  • Cash deposit.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Transfer to another INVESTBANK account.
  • Credit card payment.
  • Mini Statement.
  • Balance enquiry.
  • Cheque book request.
Merging ATM Network with Jordan Ahli Bank

Enhancing the ATM services to cover and serve wider segment of clients geographically, INVESTBANK has integrated and merge its ATM network with Jordan Ahli Bank to you access more than 150 ATMs across Jordan.

Exclusive to INVESTBANK debit card holders, You can now use any ATM of Jordan Ahli Bank to make the following banking services without any commission.

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Deposit cash
  • Account balance Inquiry
  • Mini account statement request
  • Debit card password change
SMS Banking

Track your account on the move with instant alerts on SMS for all your transactions with our free facility. You will receive Alerts on your mobile number registered with us on the below types of Alerts once you are subscribed on the service:

  • ATM Cash withdrawal
  • ATM online cash deposit
  • Cheque deposit
  • Cheque Withdrawal
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Deposit Cheque Returned
  • ATM Reversal
  • Inward Transfer
  • Outward Transfer
  • Salary credit
  • Utility bill payment
  • ATM internal transfer
  • Visa Electron Purchase
  • Visa Electron Reversal
  • Internal Transfer
  • Reversal
  • Visa card payment
  • Loan Payment
Mobile Application


Download our iBank Application, and start banking online with your smartphone wherever you are at any time in the easiest and fastest manner.

Our iBank phone application mobile offers you a secure, user-friendly, and safe platform that is specifically designed for smart devices supporting Android and iOS.

You can start using the iBank application immediately with your existing credentials on your smart device; just download the application “INVESTBNAK iBank”.

The application allows you to enjoy:

Account Management

  • View your account(s) balances.
  • View the last 10 transactions performed on your account.
  • View your account details.
  • View your credit card details.
  • View the last 10 transactions performed on your credit card.
  • Perform credit card payment.
  • View your loan details.
  • View the latest 5 installments and the next 5 installments.
  • View the TD details.

Payment and Fund Transfer Services

  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Transfer to another INVESTBANK account.

Other Services

  • ATM’s & Branches locations.
  • Loans & Time Deposit calculators.
  • Mailbox to communicate with clients.

Quick Access with Touch ID

Access your iBank app on your smart devices using your fingerprint. Gone are the days of using a username and password. Besides saving time, this new login feature guarantees quick access to your bank account in the highest privacy and secure manner.

Quick View of Account Balances

Activate the Quick View feature to instantly get your account and credit card balances. A separate screen will appear on the login page without entering your username and password.

Push Notification:

Receive your account(s) updates’ directly through your iBank INVESTBANK mobile application by enabling real-time push notifications.

To enable Push Notification, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to iBank INVESTBANK mobile application.
  2. On the main page, choose “More”.
  3. From the “Settings”, activate “Push Notification” and “Enable push notifications for this device”.
  4. Disable “SMS Notification” option.
  5. Click in “Save Settings”.

You can view the last 50 notifications through “Alerts” on the main menu.

Product conditions apply.