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INVESTBANK provides a host of services to facilitate serving customers with visual, hearing and mobility disabilities. These services were designed to enable customers with special needs to complete their daily banking transactions with ease, security and privacy.

These services include:

  • Voice, Visual and Large keyboard with “Braille” technology at dedicated INVESTBANK ATMs, with the aim of facilitating the completion of banking transactions for visually impaired customers at the following locations:


    Amman – External ATMs Branches

    Al Nakheel ATM

    Mecca Street Branch ATM 1

    Junia Pharmacy ATM

    Mecca Street Branch ATM 2

    Gulf Station Khalda 2

    Irbid Branch ATM

    Al Nada Pharmacy ATM


    Al Yasmeen GO station ATM


    Al Daowod Complex Mecca Street



  • Ramp at selected branch “Emaar Towers” entrance, in addition to car parks for customers with mobility disabilities to facilitate their access to the bank.


  • Audio and video recording service for visually impaired customers, in order to document any banking transaction conducted with the branch officers, which are available in “Emaar Towers” branch.


  • INVESTBANK Bank ATMs heights are suitable for customers using wheelchairs.


  • Our website content is compatible with audio-assists apps. used for reading electronic content by visually impaired customers, in addition to availability of Tutorials for “How do” videos.


Special terms and conditions apply.

For more information, please call our Client Care Center on +962 6 500 1 500 .