TD Rates




For the first time issuance, you can activate your card through or through our contact center. Renewed cards are activated by calling the contact center.

Yes you can. The additional payment can be made through, ATMs, eFAWATEERcom or any of our branches. It is preferred to pay your installments before the end of month in order to avoid duplication.

The Bank sends SMS with the settlement amount and due date by end of each cycle. The client should ensure having the requested amount available in the account to avoid any late payment fees.

The late payment fee is deducted at the end of the due settlement date. Settlement amount and due date are always sent to clients' registered phone number through SMS.

Yes, you can exceed by 10% of your credit card limit. Bank fees will apply in this case.

Yes, if your phone number is registered on the system you can request our Contact Center agent to add it, otherwise please visit any of INVESTBANK branches to register your number and update your information.

Yes, by visiting any of INVESTBANK branches if the phone number is not registered on the system, otherwise you can request our Contact Center agent to add it.

All cards are active outside Jordan for cash withdrawal and purchases, through any VISA point of sale.

The Flexible Payment Plan is available for transactions amounts that are between JOD 150-5,000. You can request to settle the payment on the preferred duration up to 24 months through within 14 days from the transaction date.

Yes, all cards are activated with an amount of JOD 350 for online purchases. You can modify the amount or cancel this service through or through our Contact Center.