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Experience PRIME

Welcome to the world of PRIME Banking - a world centered around your banking convenience… a world where you can feel at home…a world that revolves around you.

At INVESTBANK relationships matter! This is why we developed PRIME Banking - a highly personalized banking service exclusively reserved for our most valued clients.

Backed by our team of product specialists, your Relationship Manager at PRIME Banking provides dedicated and tailored services to build long-term working relationships seeking to understand your financial goals, gauge risk appetite, and provide advice on your financial position.

We do all this and more for our valued clients in our luxurious dedicated lounges while your personal PRIME Relationship Manager attends to your banking needs by:

  • Ensuring the shortest turnaround time for your applications and loans.
  • Ensuring you receive uninterrupted mobile phone banking and SMS services.
  • Guiding you through the wide array of products and services outlined below.

Our valued PRIME banking members will benefit from the following exclusive products and services:

  • PRIME Lounges at appointed Branches – Shmeisani, Dabouq, Abdoun and Emmar Towers -Sixth Circle, with teller service.
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Preferential rates on select products and services.
  • An exclusive and complimentary lifetime VISA infinite Credit Card with supplementary cards for the family.
  • An exclusive and Complimentary VISA Electron debit card and cheque book.
  • Special discounts on local and international money transfers.
  • Dedicated phone banking services through PRIME Contact Center + 962 6 500 1510.
  • Seamless online banking services through
  • Access to 1000 worldwide VIP airport lounges.
  • Manage your cash flow online with PRIME Plus limit facility through
PRIME Infinite Card

Enjoy VIP benefits & the highest levels of service.

Your exclusive lifestyle and discerning needs have led us to develop and offer you the most exclusive credit card. Our PRIME InfiniteCredit Card is a product that promises more status and recognition, granting you a world of privileges and benefits that go beyond what other credit cards offer with the highest levels of service.

Our Cash Rewards loyalty program will also get you 2% cash back on each purchase you make.

Your PRIME Infinite credit card gives you LoungeKey access, your personal airport lounge program.

Card benefits:


PRIME Infinite Credit Card adds limitless value every time you travel. With access to a wealth of exclusive travel offers, PRIME Infinite Credit Card can turn every trip into a unique and memorable experience.

Airport Lounge Access

With access to over 650 airport lounges all around the world, PRIME Infinite Credit Cardholders have the rare privilege of travel that’s tailored to you. 12 lounge visits per year either by cardholder or cardholder and guest with maximum one complimentary guest per visit.

Get full service support for LoungeKey via website, mobile application and 24/7 contact center.

Download the LoungeKey mobile application from Google Play Store or App Store; please search for 'LoungeKey'.

Medical & Travel Assistance

Use your Infinite credit card to pay for your travel and there’s no need to buy travel insurance. Infinite means comprehensive travel insurance for everyone in the family, wherever you travel, business or leisure.*

For visa application purposes, please download your Certificate of Insurance on

No matter where you are in the world, our multilingual service representatives are on hand to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If your Visa card has been lost or stolen, Visa Global Customer Assistance Services representatives can:

  • Block your account from fraudulent purchases within 30 minutes.
  • Arrange for a replacement card to be sent to you within 3 working days.
  • provide emergency cash to be collected from 270,000 locations worldwide.


The 24-hour concierge service provides a personal service to Infinite cardholders, taking care of all the details so you can simply arrive at your favorite restaurant and enjoy.


PRIME Infinite Credit Card makes it even easier for you to lose yourself in shopping splendor. Whenever you have the impulse to buy, you will enjoy access to exclusive offers all over the world.


The 24-hour concierge service will assist you in every aspect of your shopping experience to ensure you get precisely what you desire.


Purchase Protection provides you with extra peace of mind with whatever you choose to buy as it protects against theft or accidental damage of purchased items.


Extended Warranty adds real value to the PRIME Infinite Credit Cardholder. It doubles the repair period offered by the original warranty for up to 1 year, so you always feel the benefit of extra protection.


PRIME Infinite Credit Card has the power to enhance every aspect of every lifestyle with exclusive offers available to you. With everything from golf course discounts to yacht rental discounts, PRIME Infinite Credit Card has the offers to suit even the most unique lifestyle.

For further information about PRIME Infinite Credit Card offers and benefits visit:


PRIME Banking is an exclusive membership service, which is reserved for clients who maintain one or more of the following:

  • Balances :

    - Minimum average balance of 100,000 JOD or its equivalent in foreign currencies for the last six months (current account or savings account).

    - Minimum balance of 70,000 JOD or its equivalent in foreign currencies for the last six months (Term Deposits).

  • Salary :

    - Minimum gross salary of 5000 JOD transferred to INVESTBANK.

  • Asset:

    - Minimum mortgage loan of 250,000 JOD at INVESTBANK.

PRIME Gallery

No matter how well organized you might be financially, things can change and you may unexpectedly find yourself short of funds.

INVESTBANK assists you to manage your cash flow by extending an online overdraft credit facility, PRIME Plus. It allows you to withdraw additional funds should you run out of your own, to cover your personal financial needs.

With PRIME Plus, there are no set minimum monthly repayments, you can always control when to pay the borrowed amounts back. The sooner the amount is settled the less fees and interests are charged.

Benefits of PRIME Plus:

  • Getting extra cash at competitive interest rates.
  • Immediate access to extra funds in case of cash shortage and emergencies..
  • The client can withdraw the amount over the counter.
  • 24/7 account management through
  • It is a good option when you need a small amount of extra cash every now and then.

By accessing PRIME Plus you will be charged  1%  activation fees of the granted limit,  10% debit interest applied if within the approved limit and  21% debit interest if exceeding the granted limit.

Example: an overdraft limit of JOD  10,000 then the  1% fee will be applied JOD  100, and a  10% debit interest will be applied on any amount used within the granted limit JOD  10,000 . I.e. if JOD 500 is used then you’ll pay interest on the JOD 500 that you use. Once you exceed the granted limit JOD 10,000 the debit interest will be 21% for the used amount.

PRIME Plus facility application:

Applying for the overdraft facility is quick and easy, by logging into your account to activate the service. Our team is always available to assist you when needed either through the dedicated PRIME contact center number or secure messaging option on

Terms and conditions apply.