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INVESTBANK Financial Advisors are here for you to:


your financial Goal and create personalized Financial Strategy that is uniquely yours.


on your short - long term investment target.


to your Investment needs and what matter the most to you and your family.


  • Fixed Income
  • Mutual Funds
  • ETFs
  • Farctional Bonds
  • US Equity Market
  • European Equity Market
  • UK Equity Market
  • GCC Equity Market
  • Canada Equity Market

Contact Number: +962 6 500 1500 - Ext. 1508

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Dealing Room Contact Number:

  • +962 6 5630511
  • +962 6 5630512
  • +962 79 6392221
  • +962 79 6589222

Activation Related

INVESTBANK Online trading platform, where you can invest your money anytime and anywhere, to help you reach your financial goals, and be your stop shop for investing.

If you are not INVESTBANK client you need to open an account with INVESTBANK and sign the terms and Conditions to open investment account, fill your investment profile and you will be eligible to receive the login details for the online trading platform INVESTRADE.

If you are a client at INVESTBANK client you need only to sign the terms and Conditions to open investment account, fill your investment profile and you will be eligible to receive the login details for the online trading platform INVESTRADE.

An investment tool that captures your general attitude towards your investment needs, objectives and risk profile. You should maintain an updated investment profile in order to invest with Invest Bank (Online or Over the Phone).

A suitable assessment is an evaluation of your risk appetite based on the information provided on your investment profile i.e. risk tolerance, investment objectives, investment experience or knowledge, financial situation and financial needs.

Transactions Related

You can place subscription order (buy) or redemption orders (sell) via the online trading Platform (INVESTRADE) on different asset class (Equity, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Bonds).

The dealing day refers to specific days in which you can subscribe/Buy or redeem/sell holdings in your investment portfolio.

Upon successful receipt of your order, your account will be blocked with the total settlement amount. The debit to your account will occur after your order has been confirmed.

Please you need to keep your account sufficiently funded to ensure you request is completed (refer to T&Cs). In case your order is rejected you will be contacted by either your relationship manager or representative from your branch.

You can use your CIPR account, and the same will be linked to your current and savings account to transfer the cash in and out.

The investment account number is a unique account that is created for you solely for purposes of facilitating your investment. This number will be referenced in all notices concerning your investment with us.

A Stop Loss Order is an order placed by the account holder that will result in the sale of the selected Securities as soon as possible after the price exceeds a predefined level that differs from the current market price.

Take Profit Order is an order placed by the Account Holder that closes a particular trade once it reaches a certain level of profit.

Mutual Funds Related

Through online platform you can place subscriptions order (Buy) and/or redemption order (Sell), the Buy orders can be either lumpsum MF or Saving Plan.

A lump sum order mean in which units of a Mutual Funds are purchased in one go.

Each fund house will have a specific minimum investment amount which you will be able to view on the online platform.

The indicative Net Asset Value (NAV) is the indicative price which you will be purchasing each unit of the fund. This number is quoted on a daily basis (end of day) and could fluctuate based on market conditions.

The price on the platform will not show you the price as of today, as the unit price of an investment fund will be calculated after all markets close and will be announced on the next business day.

Saving Plan Related

Investing Fixed amount of money on a monthly basis for a specified period of time, which will help you to get the benefit of Dollar cost averaging.

When making investment and buying a fixed sum of a particular investment on a regular schedule. When prices go up fewer units will be purchased and when process go down more units will be purchased. The average cost of each unit acquired will be lower than the funds average price over the same period.

Your saving plan will be executed on the due date you selected when you started your plan.

Purchasing units for saving plan will be executed only when you have cash in the account, otherwise your investment will be executed in the following month.

Queries and Complaint Related

You can contact INVESTBANK Wealth Management department team who can help you to get more details about the Investment with INVESTBANK.

Contact Details: +962 6 500 1500 – Ext 1508

Email: [email protected]

2. You can contact INVESTBANK call center at +962 5001515 (Personal Banking) OR +962 500 1510 (PRIME Banking). If you are a Prime Banking client you may also contact your dedicated Relationship Manager.