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Sending and receiving money is a click away & at no fee!

Use CliQ Service to transfer funds to beneficiaries within INVESTBANK and other local banks who are enrolled in the service.

Through the 24/7, you can now send instant fund transfers, request to pay, and return payments within 48 hours. To activate the service, all you need to do is link your chosen INVESTBANK account and send transfers either by using your IBAN number, mobile number, email, or alias. CliQ allows the sender to verify the recipients’ details before completing the transfer.

How to Register to CliQ:

  1. Log into
  2. Select (CliQ).
  3. Select “Manage my profile” and choose a unique Alias; either your e-mail, your mobile number a unique alias, or your IBAN number.

Manage my Aliases

After creating your Alias and linking it to the required IBAN number, you can at any time edit, suspend or delete the created alias.

Make payment

  1. Choose the required Alias you want transfer from
  2. Payment method from created alias or IBAN number.
    • a. If from alias then choose “Alias, e-mail, or mobile”
    • b. If from IBAN number then choose IBAN type “Personal, Internal, Domestic” any pre-registered beneficiaries will also appear
  3. Pick required beneficiary
  4. Beneficiary name
  5. Enter amount
  6. Submit and make sure of your payment’s details

Request to pay

  • Choose the requestor’s alias
  • Payment mode
  • Choose the debtors alias type
  • Choose the debtors alias
  • Enter amount
  • Submit and make sure of your request to pay’s details

Payment transaction history

You can track your sent and received Payment, request to pay and Returned payments. You can return payment through "payment transaction history".

  • Choose required Alias\account you want track
  • Transaction type “Inward Payment, Inward Request to pay, Inward return payments” or “Outward Payment, Outward Request to pay, Outward return payments”
  • Choose the date
  • Submit

Pay using QR code

  • Choose the nickname you want to transfer from
  • Download the QR to make the payment
  • Enter the amount
  • Submit and confirm payment details

Receiving payments via QR Code:

  • The merchant selects the QR code payment method on the (POS) machine.
  • A QR code will appear on the POS machine screen, valid for 90 seconds.
  • The customer scans the QR code through the camera of his digital wallet application on his mobile phone for the payment to be completed successfully.

For more information, please reach our contact center at +96265001500.

Terms & Conditions Apply.