Monday, November 16, 2020

INVESTBANK, the leader in providing innovative banking solutions, has renewed its partnership agreement with Aramex’s Shop & Ship, to one of the leading online shopping delivery platforms in Jordan and the region.

Through the agreement, the holders of the cobranded platinum and gold INVESTBANK Shop & Ship credit cards can now upgrade to SNS FLEX annual membership at USD 10 instead of the usual USD 45 and benefit of 5% off all their shipping fees from 32 Shop & Ship worldwide addresses. Classic Shop & Ship accounts’ members can still benefit from a notable 15% discount off all their shipping fees, and first-time users can sign up for a free lifetime membership to the service. Getting these benefits requires setting the cobranded Shop & Ship Credit Card to be the auto pay card to get the automatic discounts.

All cobranded credit cardholders will receive 2% cashback on all online and offline transactions made on the credit card. Additionally, cardholders are automatically enrolled in the bank’s Flexible Payment Plan, which applies to all local, international and online purchases and allows cardholders to settle their credit card transactions at 0% interest for up to 24 months. Customers can easily apply for the cobranded platinum or gold INVESTBANK Shop & Ship credit cards anytime from anywhere by filling a short form on

Speaking about the renewed cooperation agreement with Aramex’s Shop & Ship, INVESTBANK CEO Muntaser Dawwas said: “We are delighted for our long-term partnership with Aramex and look forward to continuing to serve our mutual customers with the products and experiences they love”.

“We are pleased to bring together this additional offering to continue to provide consumers with choice. We expect our cobranded credit cardholders to feel a significant incremental benefit from this new agreement.” Dawwas added.

Tarek Abu Yaghi, General Manager of Aramex in Jordan, said: “This is the sixth year in a row we renew our successful partnership with a leading brand like INVESTBANK. We remain committed to providing customers and members with more innovative shopping experience and delivery solutions. We also look forward to keep building on this partnership and further deliver a distinctive value proposition to our customers.”

Shop & Ship is a leading international online shipping solution that was created by Aramex in 2000 designed to make global online shopping more convenient and accessible to consumers from all over the world. Once registered to the service, members receive 32 global addresses, Shop & Ship then delivers global online shopping efficiently and hassle-free to customer’s doorsteps.