INVESTBANK’s social responsibility philosophy lies in the creation of a snowball effect that enables us to build and develop sustainable initiatives, through which the impact of social and environmental development can be multiplied. INVESTBANK has focused on creating unique and effective initiatives that build the capacities of individuals and their communities to achieve greater success, prosperity, and foster the spirit of loyalty and responsibility towards the larger community.

Innovation and creativity are key values at INVESTBANK and we aim to achieve this with every initiative we embrace. We are committed to local communities to drive their growth by empowering creative economies as well as pursuing inventive and unconventional results.

We hand pick our social responsibility initiatives in order to ensure they are in harmony with our vision and the interests of our stakeholders to achieve common goals. Based on such reasoning, our core focus will be on two main pillars; supporting the environment and community empowerment, in addition to art and culture. We aspire through these initiatives to reflect our vision in the noblest way, and we desire to establish as a top priority a community service that will give people the dignified life they deserve.

We view the environment as one of the most important factors in the process of development, and when environment receives proper backing and support in all fields it becomes a fertile ground for more investment, both in human and material resources, thus it has become the first axis of our attention and care.

The second axis in our social plans is to economically empower local communities to enable them to become self-sufficient and face challenges by creating new employment opportunities.

We also include support of cultural and artistic initiatives that aim to preserve the civilized and cultural heritage, thus we support the creative economy that highlights the abilities of our local artists in this field, enabling them to present Jordan’s civilization in all aspects.

Renewable energy is the new language of the world today, accordingly we established our own project to generate electricity, thus becoming the first bank in Jordan to utilize renewable energy source to cover all its operational electricity requirements.

We are proud of all the successes we were able to achieve in the field of social responsibility and are determined to consolidate all our efforts to continue with the path we set for ourselves to serve our community, thus investing in a better future for ourselves and for future generations.

Al Shams Farmers' Market

In partnership with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), INVESTBANK has taken the lead in supporting organic farming and in the development of Al Shams Farmers' Market – Jordan's first organic market.

Through its social responsibility activities, INVESTBANK supports unique and effective initiatives that build the capacities of individuals and communities to achieve greater success and prosperity and foster the spirit of loyalty and responsibility towards the larger community.

Since 2011, RSCN trained the farmers to decrease the amount of wasted produce and properly package the production in order to grow and sustain chemical free produce of local farmers of Ajloun. INVESTBANK’s continuous support provided organic seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and water tanks, enabling the farmers in the past years to increase their production on an annual basis. In addition, new channels of selling were created, enabling the farmers to go beyond their mainstream, local market in 'Ajloun and reach a new markets in Amman and experience a level of higher end marketing, sales and trade.

The project achieved an increase of 40% in production, and an increase in total sales by 46%, the number of direct beneficiaries of the project reached 285 farmers and the indirect beneficiaries reached 1,078 in 2016, compared to the year before. To enforce the sustainability of the project, INVESTBANK expanded the initiative to include new community based organizations by extending the capacity building training.

A further commitment to the initiative took place with the signing of MOU with the Jordanian Organic Farming Association to strengthen the national cooperation in the field of organic farming, giving particular attention to training and licensing internationally accredited Jordanian organic farming inspectors.

INVESTBANK also created additional marketing channels by signing partnership contracts with private sector establishments to introduce Al Shams Farmers' Market and to help create new sources of income for the market. As part of a communication exercise, the Bank introduced Al Shams Farmers' Market to Four Winters in the spirit of “From the farm to the table”, and Four Winters created Golden Apple Pie Ice Cream, utilizing as an ingredient chemical free apples supplied by Al Shams Farmers' Market, and 25% of the income generated was utilized to build a green house in for one of the market’s farmers.

Al Shams Farmers' Market offers fresh chemical free produce as well as naturally grown packaged items such as olive oil, dry beans, herbs, honey and jams. Available every Friday at Wild Jordan in Jabal Amman, and every Saturday at INVESTBANK’s Abdoun branch.


For orders or delivery please call +962 79 593 3831

The Golden Apple Pie

As part of INVESTBANK’s commitment to environmental development projects and giving back to the local community, its support of local farmers has taken a new turn. INVESTBANK and Four Winters have partnered to create a limited edition ice-cream whose proceeds will go to support local farms in Ajloun. Managed by the Royal Society of the Conservation of Nature, the local farmers of Ajloun operate Al Shams Farmers’ Market.

The Golden Apple Pie, inspired by INVESTBANK, has been released under Four Winters' famous limited edition flavor, This exclusive flavor will feature chemical free apples proudly grown by local farmers and will be served for a period of three months.

With every order that includes the Golden Apple Pie, the client will be given a voucher that provides them with a complimentary bag of fresh apples for the Al Shams Farmers’ Market. This Market will be available at the Four Winters location in Abdoun on Fridays.

Also while buying their ice cream; customers can shop for fresh ingredients at the Souk Al Shams farmers’ market which will be selling their produce at Four Winters Abdoun each Friday.

This partnership is part INVESTBANK's local organic farming initiative, since 2012. The pilot project aimed to encourage small farmers in Ajloun to venture into organic farming, which guarantees them better financial returns, protects the environment and offers a healthier option for the public and the area’s breath-taking forests.

Under the initiative, the RSCN managed the know-how and expertise transfer of knowledge to the local farmers trough organic farming specialists. The conversion of farm land to organic is at least a three to five year process. Starting from the seeds, the soil, the air and pesticides to gain such accredited certifications.

Petra National Trust

As part of our ongoing social responsibility efforts to support environmental initiatives through its Sun Fund program, INVESTBANK, sponsored an art commissioning in order to hold a fundraising event for Petra National Trust’s (PNT) environmental and heritage programs. The exhibition is the works of hand selected; renowned artists and Petra’s youth entitled “Brushstrokes from Petra” at Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery.

INVESTBANK’s support for PNT’s Cultural Education and Awareness program, which is a pillar of its work to preserve Petra and Jordan’s rich heritage; comes through our financial subsidy of this unique fund raising program and exhibit.

The program engages young people in interactive and fun educational workshops that focus on the historic, cultural, economic and environmental values of archeological sites, with emphasis on the World Heritage Site of Petra. The goals of the program are to instill in Jordanian youth a sense of identity rooted in heritage, an appreciation of the importance of heritage preservation, civic engagement principles and understanding of economic opportunities related to culture and heritage.

The art exhibit presented a very limited number of commissioned works by Baqer Al Shaikh, Ghandi Al Jebawi, Hani Alqam and Juman Nimri. The artists worked with youth from the Petra region, all graduates of the Petra National Trust’s (PNT) Cultural Education and Awareness programs, to bring together art, culture and heritage in a vibrant and dynamic study.