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INVESTBANK and Four Winters hold hands to support local farmers

Thu, 12/01/2016

As part of INVESTBANK’s commitment to environmental development projects and giving back to the local community, its support of local farmers has taken a new turn. INVESTBANK and Four Winters have partnered to create a limited edition ice-cream whose proceeds will go to support local farms in Ajloun. Managed by the Royal Society of the Conservation of Nature, the local farmers of Ajloun operate Al Shams Farmers’ Market.

The Golden Apple Pie, inspired by INVESTBANK, has been released under Four Winters' famous limited edition flavor, This exclusive flavor will feature chemical free apples proudly grown by local farmers and will be served for a period of three months.”

INVESTBANK CEO, Mr. Muntaser Dawwas, “We are proud and delighted to bring forward a new form of innovation and social integration between our support for local farmers, Al Shams Farmers’ Market and a state-of-the-art molecular gastronomy based boutique, Four Winters. This partnership demonstrates the need for retail outlets and individuals to adopt socially responsible made goods. Our goal will be to continue the concept of “from Farm to Table” to encourage locally grown produce. “This initiative was inspired by Ajloun's chemical free farming and INVESTBANK's continuous effort to enable local communities.”

Zeid Zabian, Four Winters CEO added “Chemical free farming is not only economically viable for Four Winters, it’s also crucial for the future of Jordan, its environment, and to guarantee a sustainable agriculture sector for future generations. It is our privilege to work with INVESTBANK on such a great initiative, where our values are mutual” “More importantly, Four Winters guarantees that 25 percent of the proceeds of the new flavor will be donated to support the local farmers of Al Shams Farmers’ Market, thus remaining faithful to its ethics by benefiting the local community”. He added.

With every order that includes the Golden Apple Pie, the client will be given a voucher that provides them with a complimentary bag of fresh apples for the Al Shams Farmers’ Market. This Market will be available at the Four Winters location in Abdoun on Fridays. Also while buying their ice cream; customers can shop for fresh ingredients at the Souk Al Shams farmers’ market which will be selling their produce at Four Winters Abdoun each Friday.

This partnership is part INVESTBANK's local organic farming initiative, since 2012. The pilot project aimed to encourage small farmers in Ajloun to venture into organic farming, which guarantees them better financial returns, protects the environment and offers a healthier option for the public and the area’s breath-taking forests.

Under the initiative, the RSCN managed the know-how and expertise transfer of knowledge to the local farmers trough organic farming specialists. The conversion of farm land to organic is at least a three to five year process. Starting from the seeds, the soil, the air and pesticides to gain such accredited certifications.

Four Winters is a new-generation ice cream maker that harnesses the power of liquid nitrogen to create customizable made-to-order ice cream. Determined to make the freshest ice cream, they utilized the best ingredients in their prime, frozen instantaneously to create an unbelievable creamy and flavorful ice cream.

Four Winters opened its first parlor in Jordan in January 2014. The original outlets and headquarters are based out of Amman. With its first international store in London, followed by several outlets opening late 2016 in KSA, Four Winters is setting the stage to expand regionally and globally.

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