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Health, Wealth, & Success with [email protected] at INVESTBANK

Tue, 02/06/2018

INVESTBANK, the leader in providing innovative banking solutions, has partnered with [email protected]([email protected]) to launch a healthy workplace kitchen, known as [email protected] at INVESTBANK,atits headquarters with a mission to eliminate fast food deliveries and promote healthy eating habits among its employees. The step comes as part of INVESTBANK’s “Time to Change” internal Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, which was conceived to raise awareness on the importance of health well-being and create change in their lifestyle.

“The ‘Time to Change’ doesn't only promote health education, but also strives to foster a healthy workplace supportive environment, and promotesclean living.”commented INVESTBANK CEO, Muntaser Dawwas. “We aim to make a cultural shift in the staff’s eating habits by providing accessible, affordable, high quality food at the workplacewhich inevitably results in supporting high job performance”. Dawwas added “When we replace one fast food order with a healthier option, then we have succeeded.”

"We are proud of our partnership with INVESTBANK in this ambitious initiative, which demonstrates the commitment of the bank's management to the health and wellbeing of their employees," commented the General Manager of [email protected], Madian Jazerah. "My hope is that other institutions would follow in INVESTBANK's example and organize similar initiatives to provide healthy food options for their staff."

[email protected] at INVESTBANK will focus on providing fresh ingredients and whole breakfast and lunch food options. INVESTBANK employees will find more wholesome alternatives to processed foods, underscoring the often-ignored connection between lifestyle and physical and mental health.

Since its inception, INVESTBANK has demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility and to making a lasting positive impact on the lives of its communities. The Bank Focuses on positively impacting the environment and economic empowerment.Their main program being organic farming in Ajloun where AL Shams Farmers’ Market was conceived.