Enjoy paying back at 0% for the 6 months!

Replace your credit card from any other bank with an INVESTBANK credit card at a convenient payment plan:

Pay back your transferred balance comfortably at 0% interest for the first 6 months and thereafter 1.75% interest until you settle the full transferred amount.

Program features:

  • A guaranteed 25% extra on your credit card limits from other bank.
  • Charge of 4% minimum of 40 JDs (or equivalent in other currencies) will be applicable on the credit card balance transfer.
  • Foreign currency transfer applications are subject to the Bank's declared commission and fees.
  • Cancellation fees: If the customer decides to cancel the Credit card before the completion of the Preferential rate period (6 Months), the customer will pay 2% on the remaining balance transferred.
  • If the customer does not settle the minimum due payment on the due date for 2 consecutive cycles, the bank has the right to drop the preferential rate given to the balance transferred.
  • Minimum Credit Card limit is JOD 750.
  • Maximum credit card limit transferred is JOD 15,000.
  • Campaign starts from 4/06/2021 until 3/06/2022.

*if the client chooses to transfer his credit card balance from another bank to his current INVESTBANK credit card, the preferential interest rate will be applied on the transferred amount only.

INVESTBANK credit card features:

  • 2% cash back on all local, international, and online purchases made on the Credit Card, with a maximum limit of 2% of the Credit Card limit or 100 dinars, per month whichever is less.
  • Pay back any worldwide purchases made on your credit card up to 24 months at 0% interest with our Flexible Payment Plan Program. Your purchase will need to start from JOD 150 to JOD 5,000 and a one-time transaction fee, based on the transaction amount, will be applied where the minimum is JOD 20.

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*Product and Credit Card terms and conditions apply.