Leave your wallet home and Pay with your smartphone!

YAP, the other way to pay, and the future of digital payments, enables INVESTBANK clients to tokenize their debit and credit cards on the app to make secure card-less payments. Clients will be able to make contactless in-store, local and international purchases simply by tapping their android, Near Filed Communication NFC enabled smartphones over any contactless point of sale terminal (POS), without presenting their physical card to pay.

Ways to pay with YAP:

  1. PIN or Pattern Unlock: If you have a PIN or pattern lock, established on your phone, simply unlock your phone and hold the device in close proximity to the point of sale terminal at the cash register. YAP will launch and your payment will initiate automatically with your default card. Alternately, you can select a different card to pay with prior to holding the device close to the terminal.
  2. Yap Icon: Locate and click the YAP app. Icon in your phone. Next, select the card you wish to pay with prior to holding the device close to the point of sale terminal. Hold the device in close proximity to the terminal at the cash register.

Key features of YAP, Mobile Wallet Service:

Convenient & Seamless Experience: To pay, simply open your digital wallet, YAP application, choose the card you wish to pay with and place your phone and tap on the POS Terminal to pay. When the transaction is successful and complete, you will receive a notification through the app. With the transaction details.

Security: It is safer than carrying a physical card. Every card is tokenized and the actual card number will never be stored on your phone.

Register for YAP in 2 Simple Steps:

  1. After downloading the app from the play store, you will be asked to create a 4-digit access pin.
  2. Add your INVESTBANK Cards through:
    • Scan the cards using the phone camera in the app.
    • Enter the card details manually.

Supported Devices:

All android users with a Near Filed Communication -NFC enabled devices.

INVESTBANK Digital wallet – YAP:

  • Ease of purchase
  • Secured payment
  • A record of all your transactions.

Terms and conditions

Download the app on Play store.

YAP “The Other Way to Pay”

INVESTBANK credit card features:

2% cash back on all local, international, and online purchases made on the credit card through our cash back reward program.

Pay back any worldwide purchases starting from JOD 150 – up to JOD 5,000 made on your credit card in up to 24 months installments at 0% interest with our Flexible Payment Plan Program. A one-time transaction fee, based on the transaction amount, will be applied with a minimum of JOD 20.

To view the list credit cards we offer:

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