Introducing INVESTBANK Chat Banking via WhatsApp, a 24/7 secure and simple way to get your banking needs on the go from your mobile phone.

Why should you WhatsApp Banking:

  • Available – 24/7 x 365 (even on holidays!)
  • Non-INVESBANK clients can also use services like ATM’s & branch locator, request cc, complaints, contact us via video call
  • Fast and secure way of banking (end to end encryption)!

Banking Services We Offer!

Currently we are offering the below services through WhatsApp messaging.

  • Check your account and credit card balance
  • Last 5 credit card and account transactions
  • Loan status, apply for a new loan or loan top up
  • ATM branch locator
  • Complaints
  • Cardless Transaction
  • Contact Center video call

We will continue to add more and more services for your convenience.

To subscribe and activate the service:

Send any message to 06 5001515 on WhatsApp for general inquiries.

For account related financial inquiries:

Create a PIN code via by clicking “Service Panel” then choose “Activation WhatsApp”. You will instantly receive an SMS on your registered number at the bank to confirm your registration.

Security Tips

  • Safeguarding your information is a shared responsibility.
  • To ensure that you are talking to the official business account of INVESTBANK on WhatsApp, look for the green badge next to INVESTBANK’s name in the chat.
  • Data is exchanged over a secure channel between your device, WhatsApp and INVESTBANK. This information will be encrypted and cannot be seen or accessed by anyone.
  • You can only subscribe to INVESTBANK Chat Banking via your registered mobile number with the bank. The same number has to be used in WhatsApp.
  • Activate your SIM card with a PIN code.