Our Savings journey just got a major boost! Join our Savings Festival Campaign and benefit from 4.5% interest on new deposits to any of your savings account.

Campaign Terms & Conditions:

  1. This campaign is valid for all the INVESTBANK savings accounts in Jordanian Dinars for existing and new accounts opened during the campaign period
  2. Only accounts used for personal purposes are eligible for the campaign.
  3. Accounts must remain active throughout the campaign period in order to earn interest.
  4. Accounts can be opened at any INVESTBANK branch or through
  5. Interest is calculated based on the daily balance and deposited in the savings account after the end of the campaign on 04/01/2024.
  6. Deposits made after working hours are calculated on the next working day.
  7. There is no maximum limit on the amount of interest that can be earned.  
  8. INVESTBANK has the right to terminate this campaign at any time, provided that the end of this campaign is announced.
  9. INVESTBANK staff and subsidiaries’ staff are included in this campaign.
  10. The campaign starts from 20/08/2023 and ends on 31/12/2023.
  11. Preferential interest rate (4.5%) is calculated as follows:
    • The balances of all savings accounts are taken on August 19, 2023, and based on the opening balance of the account, preferential interest is calculated starting from the beginning of the campaign:
    • The opening balance is: (account balance on 08/19/2023) (account zero)
    • Preferential interest = (every increase over the opening balance x 4.5 % / 365) x the number of days for the account balance deposits over the opening balance.
    • If the account balance is not more than the opening balance, the preferential interest rate will not be calculated, and the balance will be subject to the original saving account interest.

*Product terms and conditions apply.

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For more information please visit one of our branches or call our contact center at +962 6 500 1515.