INVESTBANK supports cancer awareness and fundraising initiative

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in Jordan in providing innovative financial solutions is sponsoring the “Seven Mountains Initiative” in support of underprivileged cancer patients at the King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC).

As part of the life-saving initiative, a team of 23 Jordanian high school students from the International School of Choueifat – Amman have climbed Tanzania’s Mount Meru to raise funds for the treatment of underprivileged cancer patients at KHCC. The 4,562 meters high Mount Meru is the fifth highest mountain in Africa and the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro.

Led by Jordanian mountaineer Mostafa Salameh, the high school team got the required training for the climb that took place last July, in the hope of raising USD 100,000.

INVESTBANK CEO Muntaser Dawwas said the Bank is always eager to raise awareness about the mission of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and the King Hussein Cancer Centre. He added, “This initiative represents our core values of supporting community outreach endeavours and social development projects within the Kingdom. We are further extremely appreciative of the students for their noble intentions and great efforts in supporting underprivileged cancer patients in Jordan.”

Elaborating on the essence of the Initiative, Choueifat School Principal, Louay Shomaly, said, “Our seven mountains noble initiative focuses on two main goals, namely, to climb a mountain each year for 7 years and to raise funds to support the treatment of cancer patients. 70% of all raised funds will go towards supporting the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) and 30% to other non-profit organizations, such as Al Aman Fund for Orphans this year.”

INVESTBANK is continually committed to supporting good causes and sustainable initiatives. INVESTBANK has focused on creating unique and effective initiatives that build the capacities of individuals and their communities to achieve greater success, prosperity, and foster the spirit of loyalty and responsibility towards the larger community. This in turn reflects the Bank’s vision of establishing as a top priority a community service that will provide Jordanians with the dignified life they duly deserve.

The ‘Seven Mountains Initiative’ was founded in 2018 with a vision of supporting those who climb their own mountains each and every day to survive their illness, disability and other life challenges.