INVESTBANK partners with Amman Design Week to build the first efficient modular rooftop gardens in Gaza camp in cooperation with ‘Greening The Camps’

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

In continuation of its vision to support local communities and protect the environment, INVESTBANK, the leader in providing innovative financial solutionsin Jordan, has formed apartnership with Amman Design Week and ‘Greening The Camps’to activate rooftops for food production in one of the poorest campsin Jordan,Gaza Camps, and to create a landscape of opportunities using urban agricultural cultivation models.

The project, that stems from INVESTBANK’s ‘Sun Fund’ Corporate Social Responsibility pillar, aims to mitigate the lack of access of agricultural lands by designing, developing, building and maintaining urban rooftop gardens in Gaza camp to reconnect camp residents with their cultural heritage of farming and create space to grow their own food.

By developing their agricultural skills to improve their food security and general livelihood,the project aims to encourage residents to be less dependent on external aid.

INVESTBANK CEO Muntaser Dawwas stated, “We are excited that INVESTBANK is partnering up with Amman Design Week and ‘Greening The Camps’ on such an important initiative.”

“This project introduces a new model of sustainable livelihood that aims to enhance local empowerment and economic development through creating green rooftop gardens,which in turn secures part of the local community’s needs for food production using urban agricultural practices. And we further hope that our pipeline will take Gaza Camp food security to the next level!”added Dawwas.

On her part, Rana Beiruti, the director of Amman Design Week, commented on the partnership saying “Agency over food production and consumption plays a big role in the livelihood of people. The partnership between Amman Design Week and Greening the Camps falls in line with our vision to use design as a tool for creating lasting impact on communities across the country. "

On his part, Machiel Van Nieuwenhove, Project manager and designer for ‘Greening The Camps’ commented:“As a non-profit organization we design, develop, build and maintain rooftop gardens in Palestinian refugee camps. This project is driven by our passion for environmental and earth care and our understanding of urban design and its tool sets. Sharing and gathering knowledge, as well as creating a truly sustainable livelihood are closely linked with our devotion to enrich impoverished urban and camp areas.Through reconnecting displaced communities with food production from urban agricultural practices, we try to create opportunities for local empowerment and economic development."

INVESTBANK is continually committed to supporting environmental causes and creating a snowball effect for the development of sustainable initiatives. The Bank has heavily invested in the agricultural sector, by supporting the eight years old organic farming project in Ajloun, which contributed to the capacity building of individuals and their communities to achieve greater success, prosperity, and foster the spirit of loyalty and responsibility towards the larger community. This in turn reflects the Bank’s vision of establishing as a top priority a community service that will provide local communities with the dignified life they duly deserve.