INVESTBANK Launches Exciting Credit Card Transfer PlanforNew Customers

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

INVESTBANK, the leader in providing innovative financial solutions in Jordan, has relaunched an exciting credit card balance transfer plan for new customers. Starting October 8, 2019, new customers will be able to enjoy 0% interest rate on transferred balance, over a 12-month payback period, instead of the current 3 months plan, as well as many other exciting benefits, when switching to one of INVESTBANK’s credit cards.

Other benefits offered to new customers include a 2% cash back on all transactions using an INVESTANK credit card, as well as enrollment in the flexible payment plan program whereby clients can pay back any local, international and online transaction in installment for up to 9 months at 0% interest fee. New customers will have access to the many benefits offered by INVESTBANK’s unique array of credit cards, including the Visa Signature cards and Visa Infinite, in addition to INVESTBANK’s innovative co-branded cards, such as the prestigious ATICO Jewels Platinum card and the Aramex Shop & Ship card for online shopping.

“At INVESTBANK, our key priority is to develop products and services that provide our clients with a clear sense of added value,” commented INVESTBANK CEO, Muntaser Dawwas. “Equally important to us, however, is developing programs that allow prospective clients to take advantage of our services with ease, and the credit card balance transfer is the embodiment of this commitment. It was conceived as an attractive and hassle-free doorway into the INVESTBANK experience and demonstrates to prospective clients the customer-centric approach that defines the rest of our product lineup.”

“The new plan represents a significant step forward and has been launched in response to customer demand and developed in line with INVESTBANK’s mission to ensure customers get the support and help they need to take control of their finances. This feature is directly in line with our mission to help new and existing customers improve their financial health and is an excellent example of how INVESTBANK is innovating to make the experience simple and seamless,” Dawwas added.

Clients who take advantage of the credit card balance transfer program will also enjoy a 25 percent additional credit limit over the amount transferred, adding further flexibility and convenience to the transfer process. The new credit card balance transfer plan runs from 8 October 2019 until 7 October 2020. For further details, please visit or call 06 500 1515.