You never know when the unexpected may happen. An authorized payment could fall due a day or two before you have the funds to cover it. For these reasons and more, INVESTBANK offers you iCash.

iCash, the only cash advance feature that is completed through an automated process with instant approval.

You can protect yourself against the embarrassment of having a transaction declined and from any unexpected cash shortfalls through iCash, effective 15 days after your salary transfer. All you have to do is register on iBank using your VISA debit card number and PIN.

Features and Benefits:

  • You may benefit from this service through an easy automated process via iBank,, and you will receive instant approval of the service.
  • The service is available 24/7.
  • You have a maximum limit of 50% of your net average salary.
  • The cash advance is offered at 0% interest provided the payment is settled 15 days after the approval.
  • You may withdraw the approved limit over several times within the timeframe of the service, 15 days, however a service fee is charged each time.
  • Depending on the transferred salary amount, the limit will vary from a minimum of JOD 50 and a maximum of JOD 10,000.

*Product conditions apply.