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General Assembly Meeting appointment

Sunday, March 19, 2023

According to the procedures for organizing the meetings of public Shareholders, boards of directors, and Directing Managers ’boards of public shareholding companies, private and limited liability companies issued by the Minister of Industry and Supply according to the provisions of item (2) of Paragraph Two of Defense Order No. (5) For the year 2020 issued in accordance with the provisions of Defense Law No. (13) For the year 1992, and its approval to hold the ordinary general assembly meeting through the means of video and electronic communication on 15/02/2023.

Board of Directors of INVESTBANK is ,with Honor , inviting you ,or those appointed by shareholders to attend the regular general assembly meeting remotely, at exactly 02:00PM on the afternoon of Wednesday 19/04/2023, through visual and electronic means of communication MICROSOFT TEAMS sent via email to shareholders, to consider the following matters :

  1. Reciting the resolution of the previous session of the Thirty-ninth ordinary general assembly.
  2. Discussing the report of the Board of Directors on the bank's work  for 2022 and the work plan for 2023.
  3. Voting on the auditors' report for the year ended 31/12/2022
  4. Voting on the general budget and the final accounts for the year ended 31/12/2022, approving them and absolving the board of directors for that period.
  5. Vote to absolve the Board of Directors from liability for the fiscal year 2022.
  6. Voting on the board of directors ’recommendation to distribute cash dividends to shareholders in the amount of (10) million dinars (ten million dinars), or 10% of the capital.
  7. Elect the auditors for the fiscal year 2023 and determine their fees.
  8. Hearing a brief report on the work of the committees emanating from the Board of Directors, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 / e of the Corporate Governance Instructions for the listed companies for the year 2017.

To be able to join the meeting remotely, please provide us with an email address, and the required documents two days before the meeting is to be verified, at the following addresses:

- Email: [email protected]

- For a Shareholders affairs please call Ms. Alaa Maraqa, Tel: +962 79 7896 464

Chairman of the Board

Fahmi Abu Khadra