1. The Client shall solely bear the responsibility that may result from debiting his account(s) \ credit card when using this service or any liability that may arise from mistakenly transferring any amount(s) to any other account or making purchases to merchants through this service.
  2. The client undertakes not to use this service for commercial purposes to make profits.
  3. The bank has the right to remove any created aliases that incorporate trademarks or trade names unrelated to the client, or that are not approved based on political, ideological, commercial, or social considerations.
  4. The bank may close any of the client’s accounts at any time without notifying the client and without bearing any responsibility at its absolute discretion in case the bank finds out that the client has violated any of the terms or if the client does not observe the law and the principle of good intention or for any other reason estimated by the bank.
  5. For the purposes of this service the client authorizes the bank to provide “JOPACC” with the client’s data and information that is updated from time to time, as well as to exchange the given data & information with other financial institutions and any transfer initiator or any involved party in processing this service.
  6. The bank has the right to delete any suspended aliases after 90 days from suspending the alias.
  7. The service “CLiQ” is only provided inside the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, according to the approved currencies by the central bank of Jordan & “JOPACC”.
  8. The bank will not be responsible for any errors, damages, loss, costs, or expenses that may be incurred by the client as a result of violation of these conditions, and the client shall bear all compensations, costs, claims and damages that the bank may be exposed to as a result of the violation of these conditions.
  9. The previous mentioned in the general and special conditions manual for dealing with the bank account and electronic services, and any amendments there to shall be applied to the extent that they do no conflict with these conditions.
  10. The client is responsible for informing the bank directly for any complaints or suggestions, by calling the contact center on 06-5001515.
  11. The Bank shall have the right to change the daily transfer limit at anytime without prior customer's approval.
  12. The Bank shall have the right not to perform any funds transfers if the customer does not have sufficient balance in the account, at the time the order is to be performed, or if the transfer amount exceeds the daily transfer limit.
    • Transfer minimum amount (0.5) JOD, and a maximum of (1000) JOD per day.
    • The number of daily transfers is (5) times for a total of (5,000) JOD.