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INVESTBANK has made it possible for you! We provide the facility of cash withdrawal from an INVESTBANK ATM 24/7, and without the need of a debit card nor having a bank account. The fast and secure service is available with no fee, and without the need to visit the branch.

How does it work?

  • INVESTBANK client makes a transfer order through by submitting the amount to be transferred, beneficiary’s name, and mobile number
  • iBank generates a voucher details to be shared with the beneficiary via SMS. It includes eight digits voucher ID, the beneficiary’s name and mobile number.
  • The beneficiary can go to any INVESTBANK’s ATM and use the option to withdraw cash without a card through the Cardless Transaction. Beneficiary will enter the Voucher ID number received by the beneficiary, sender mobile number, and the amount of transfer.
  • Once the beneficiary provides all the inputs, the ATM will dispense the cash immediately.


  1. To initiate a Cardless Transaction, select “Cardless Transaction” from “Fund Transfers” Menu on
  2. Select the account / credit card you want to debit the amount from, provide beneficiary Name, Mobile number and the amount of transfer.
  3. Upon submitting, Enter the OTP sent to your phone via SMS.
  4. iBank will generate a voucher of the Cardless Transaction Transfer and send its details through SMS to the initiator, which includes voucher ID number, amount of transfer and sender mobile number along with the expiry date of the voucher.
  5. On the ATM, beneficiary presses Enter on the keypad to access the Cardless Transaction service.
  6. Beneficiary enters voucher ID.
  7. Beneficiary enters sender mobile phone number.
  8. Beneficiary enters amount of transfer.
  9. Initiator will receive a confirmation SMS upon amount withdrawal.

Terms and conditions:

  • Service is available on
  • Minimum amount of Transfer JOD 10 and Maximum of JOD 500 per transaction.
  • Transfer amount should be a multiple of JOD 5.
  • Transfer is capped at JOD 10,000, 20 times per month, 8 transactions per day.
  • Customer can cancel the transfer at any time through before the beneficiary withdraw the amount from the ATM.
  • The beneficiary can collect the transferred amount within 2 business days from its issuance before the voucher expires.
  • Beneficiary can use any of INVESTBAK ATMs for withdrawing transferred amount as a cardless transaction.
  • Service is available for Accounts and Credit Cards in JOD only.
  • This service is available 24/7.
  • Cardless Transaction made through Credit Cards are subject to 4% fee

Tutorial video

For more information please reach our contact center at +962 6 500 1500.