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Amman’s Mayor Opens Al Buhtari Park in Jabal Amman After Renovations From INVESTBANK

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The Mayor of Amman, Dr. Yousef Al Shawarbeh opened the Al Buhtari Park located in Jabal Amman in the presence of INVESTBANK’s CEO, Muntaser Dawwas after the bank’s renovation of the park in hopes of improving and providing a safe and green space for the local community.

In partnering with the Greater Amman Municipality and Khdir Collective, INVESTBANK was able to rehabilitate the park as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, which aims to preserve and protect the environment through reviving and improving green spaces within the city, along with providing a safe environment for the local community.

INVESTBANK provided the opportunity for the local community to partake in preparing the park and participate in numerous local activities. These activities include planting 19 local trees which include Oak, Quercus Calliprinos, Carob, Pistacia Atlantica, and Cercis Siliquastrum using the Miyawaki method for planting, which aims to foster a harmonious environment for the plants and showcase a natural forest blooming.

This project of planting local trees in Al Buhtari Park helps strengthen the biodiversity of plants and conserve the plants native to the area. The trees have been carefully selected to be diverse and represent the local environmental heritage. Through using the Miyawaki method, a balanced environment has been created allowing plants to grow and thrive naturally thanks to the ‘Midorization’ project. This project aims to achieve the bank’s goals of supporting the community and strengthening environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Muntaser Dawwas, INVESTBANK’s CEO stated “We are proud of the bank’s vision and consistency towards sustainability and social responsibility in this lively project that will benefit the residents of Jabal Amman, who had a special imprint on the rehabilitation and renovation of this park through their help. This will strengthen their local affiliation and provide individuals with the opportunity to interact and connect. Children can enjoy playing at the playground, specially designed for them, and the elderly can relax and enjoy a breath of fresh air.”

Dawwas clarified that the partnership between INVESTBANK and the Greater Amman Municipality and Khdir Collective is part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility to protect the environment. This project reflects the bank’s sustainable vision to improve communities and aid in building a better future for they younger generations.