Download our “iBank INVESTBANK” application, and start banking online with your smartphone wherever you are at any time in the easiest and fastest manner.

Our iBank phone application mobile offers you a secure, user-friendly, and safe platform that is specifically designed for smart devices supporting Android and IOS.

You can start using the application immediately with your existing credentials on your smart device, just download the application “iBank INVESTBANK” from:

- for iOS

- for Android.

The application allows you to enjoy:

Account Management

Payment and Fund Transfer Services

Quick Access with Touch ID

Access your iBank app on your smart devices using your fingerprint. Gone are the days of using a username and password. Besides saving time, this new login feature guarantees quick access to your bank account in the highest privacy and secure manner.

Quick View of Account Balances

Activate the Quick View feature to instantly get your account and credit card balances. A separate screen will appear on the login page without entering your username and password.

Other Services

Push Notification:

Receive your account(s) updates’ directly through your iBank INVESTBANK mobile application by enabling real-time push notifications.

To enable Push Notification, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to iBank INVESTBANK mobile application.
  2. On the main page, choose “More”.
  3. From the “Settings”, activate “Push Notification” and “Enable push notifications for this device”.
  4. Disable “SMS Notification” option.
  5. Click in “Save Settings”.

You can view the last 50 notifications through “Alerts” on the main menu.

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