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Starting Your Business

From a dream to your reality

Creating a business begins with an idea. Bringing forth a profit from that idea requires researching, planning, developing and implementing a smart business plan. Our client relationship personnel offer financial guidance each step of the way as your dream becomes your reality.

Planning for success

Begin by researching your market for opportunities and potential competitors. Find out who needs or wants what you have to offer, and who else is offering it. We can help you discover the financial details of your industry, costs and potential profits. We will introduce you to SME advisory firms to assist in drawing up a business plan, including assembling a team around you and developing a marketing strategy. Knowledge is a powerful tool when starting a new business venture.

Financing for a dream

At INVESTBANK we are dreaming with you. As a local company on the rise, we dream of fostering business opportunities for our fellow Jordanians. A personal client relationship advisor will help sort through the financing options available to you, creating a program tailored to your situation. We also provide services to help manage your money, and get the most return on it, once your business is up and running. With our backing, your reality will quickly rise and shine.