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Owning A Rural Property

Planting an investment

Rural land can be a valuable investment. Rural properties can provide an escape in the form of a second house on the land. Purchased wisely, land can be sold at a profit or held onto for future development.

Choosing your plot

Purchasing rural land is an investment that should be made only after thoroughly researching your options. Answering a number of simple, yet strategic, questions can help you decide where to make your investment. Considering aspects such as where the land is located and what you will use it for, will begin to point you in the right direction.

Further considerations

After you have chosen an area or plot to consider purchasing, you must discover the details of the land in relation to your plan for it. Seek the advice of a rural real estate agent who understands the finer points of buying and selling such properties. Be sure to find out what the land is zoned for, and if such a zoning can be changed. Remember to enquire about such things as access to basic utilities.

Future viability is your asset

Consider all the options, ask all the questions, and find out all you need to know in order to make an informed purchase. The future viability of the land is the asset to look for when purchasing rural property. At INVESTBANK we are ready to guide you on the best financing packages to achieve your investment.