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A few cities we’ve painted in gold…Don’t travel without our foreign currency platinum credit card!

With our Foreign Currency Platinum credit cards, you can now spend with the local currency of key countries. Choose one or more of our Currency cards to suit your destinations; United States of America, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.


  • Available currencies: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and AED.
  • Billing currency will be based on the card’s currency, and no commission fees will be accrued if the client pays with the same currency when travelling or paying online transactions.
  • Enjoy Lounge Key access to 25 of the top lounges whether you carry a primary or supplementary card (up to 6 visits per year) through Lounge Key program.
  • Extended warranty: providing double the original manufacturer's warranty up to 24 months from the date the item is purchased.
  • Purchase Protection: providing short-term insurance against loss or theft.
  • Enjoy a competitive settlement fee rate of 1%.
  • All Currency cards are contactless, enabling you to pay fast and securely, holding your contactless credit card in close proximately 2-4cm away from the contactless logo, once the reader confirms that your transaction is approved you are ready to go.
  • Your settlement account will be based on the card currency.
  • The Currency card can only be used abroad and for online purchases.

Get your Currency credit card today and spend overseas with the local currency of your choice without worrying about the different exchange rates.

For more information, please visit any of our branches or call our Contact Center at +962 6 500 1515.

*Product conditions apply.