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Corporate Social Responsibility

Based on the vision of our founders, INVESTBANK has dedicated channels that reach out to surrounding communities, providing them with services.  Through our social responsibility efforts, the bank has focused on creating unique and effective initiatives that build the capacities of individuals and their environment and communities to achieve greater success, prosperity, and foster the spirit of loyalty and responsibility towards the larger community.

INVESTBANK’s social responsibility philosophy lies in the creation of a snowball effect that enables us to build and develop sustainable initiatives, through which the impact of social and environmental development can be doubled.

We hand pick our social responsibility initiatives in order to ensure they are in harmony with our vision and the interests of our stakeholders to achieve common goals. Based on such reasoning, our core focus will be on two main pillars; supporting the environment and decreasing poverty pockets.

In 2011, our hawk eyed focus allowed us to develop two long term partners and key initiatives. Our first initiative was based on positively affecting the environment, improving the skill sets and living standards of our local farmers. Partnering with the RSCN has allowed us to grow and sustain the local farmers of Ajloun by taking the lead in supporting organic farming. Within one year, a group of organic farmers were ready to showcase their products to the Amman marketplace. INVESTBANK and RSCN created the Al Shams Farmers’ Market, scheduled to display all organic and under conversion products to the public every Friday in Jabal Amman. The market carries fresh produce as well as naturally grown packaged items such as: olive oil, dry beans, herbs, honey and jams.

Our second initiative was based on supporting the environment by adopting and rehabilitating a forest in order to ensure its future sustainability. We partnered with Al Shajarah Association and took a section of the Beireen Forest where we fenced it and increased its plantation in 2011. To encourage the community to support our endeavor we extended a socio-economic project to an all women’s organization; Al Beyraq Women of Jubba Charity Association. This initiative involves honey making through the natural wild flowers around the Forest area. Bee cells were purchased and cared for in 2012 and by 2013 the local women extracted and packaged the honey for those who delicately enjoy the fine taste of pure honey, Forest Honey.

Our joy comes in making an impact and seeing the difference made across all stakeholders. We plan to continue our heart-filled projects and grow them. Important initiatives in which we believe are fundamental in supporting involve the underprivileged youth, education; health as well as arts and culture such partners include the King Hussein Cancer Foundation; Al Aman Fund and the National Gallery of Fine Arts.