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Board of Directors

Our Vision

We aim to become the leader in innovative banking contributing to the success of our Clients.



Mr. Bisher M. Jardaneh
Representative of Abdel- Rahim Jardaneh & Sons Co.

Vice Chairman

Mr.Ayman S. Jumean


Mrs. Zina N. Jardaneh


Mr. Abdel - Rahim N. Jardaneh
Representative of Jordan Drugstore Co.


Mr. Imad N. Jeries
Representative of Ra'ouf Abu Jaber & Sons Co.


Mr. Rushdi M. Ghalayini
Representative of Bank of Palestine


Mr. Fahmi F. AbuKhadra


Mr. Hani I. Fadayel


Mr. Jiries S. El Issa


Dr. Bassam K. Saket


Mr. Izzat Dajani