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Al Shams Farmers' Market

In partnership with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), INVESTBANK has taken the lead in supporting organic farming and in the development of Al Shams Farmers' Market – Jordan's first organic market.

Through its social responsibility activities, INVESTBANK supports unique and effective initiatives that build the capacities of individuals and communities to achieve greater success and prosperity and foster the spirit of loyalty and responsibility towards the larger community.

Since 2011, RSCN trained the farmers to decrease the amount of wasted produce and properly package the production in order to grow and sustain chemical free produce of local farmers of Ajloun. INVESTBANK’s continuous support provided organic seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and water tanks, enabling the farmers in the past years to increase their production on an annual basis. In addition, new channels of selling were created, enabling the farmers to go beyond their mainstream, local market in 'Ajloun and reach a new markets in Amman and experience a level of higher end marketing, sales and trade.

The project achieved an increase of 40% in production, and an increase in total sales by 46%, the number of direct beneficiaries of the project reached 285 farmers and the indirect beneficiaries reached 1,078 in 2016, compared to the year before. To enforce the sustainability of the project, INVESTBANK expanded the initiative to include new community based organizations by extending the capacity building training.

A further commitment to the initiative took place with the signing of MOU with the Jordanian Organic Farming Association to strengthen the national cooperation in the field of organic farming, giving particular attention to training and licensing internationally accredited Jordanian organic farming inspectors.

INVESTBANK also created additional marketing channels by signing partnership contracts with private sector establishments to introduce Al Shams Farmers' Market and to help create new sources of income for the market. As part of a communication exercise, the Bank introduced Al Shams Farmers' Market to Four Winters in the spirit of “From the farm to the table”, and Four Winters created Golden Apple Pie Ice Cream, utilizing as an ingredient chemical free apples supplied by Al Shams Farmers' Market, and 25% of the income generated was utilized to build a green house in for one of the market’s farmers.

Al Shams Farmers' Market offers fresh chemical free produce as well as naturally grown packaged items such as olive oil, dry beans, herbs, honey and jams. Available every Friday at Wild Jordan in Jabal Amman, and every Saturday at INVESTBANK’s Abdoun branch.


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