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Salaries campaign terms and conditions

  1. The campaign will run from 1/1/2018 till 31/12/2018.
  2. Existing and new accounts are eligible to enter the draw.
  3. The prize amount is to be credited to the client’s account.
  4. Monthly prize for 20 winners is to win the value of their salaries transferred to INVESTBANK.
  5. The Client may not win more than one prize during the campaign period.
  6. Monthly draw will be conducted mid of each month and our last draw will be conducted on the 15th of January 2019. If the draw date falls on public holiday, the Bank shall have the right to proceed with the draw the business day proceeding the day of the holiday.
  7. All prizes are subject to income tax that has to be paid by the winner.
  8. This campaign is for individual accounts only.
  9. Winners will be notified/ contacted by phone/ email as per the contact details available at the Bank and if any case the data was inaccurate or wrong or the winner did not respond within 2 working days, the bank has the right to choose another winner.
  10. The winner cannot delegate another party to collect their prize.
  11. INVESTBANK have the right to terminate this campaign at the time he deems appropriate.
  12. Participants in this campaign should be residents in Jordan.
  13. The winner has to inform the Bank of accepting or rejecting the prize within 24 hours of notifying him/her otherwise he/she will lose his right to redeem his prize
  14. The bank has the right to announce the winner in any way they see appropriate whether writing winner’s name or sharing his picture and whoever disapproves will be disqualified and cannot redeem the cash prize.
  15. Bank staff & subsidiary staff are excluded from the campaign.
  16. In the event that the winner is a Client of INVESTBANK’s borrowers, he/she is preliminary obligated to pay any unmet financial dues therefore the Bank shall be entitled to deduct any payment due by the Client from the winning prize without the Client's consent.