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Flexibility to cash-out at any time with preferential interest rate up to 3.25%

Enjoy the flexibility to deposit and withdraw your money from your FlexiSave account while benefiting from exquisite interest rates up to 3.25%.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Competitive credit interest rate varies based on the account available balance.
  2. Freely withdraw from the account with zero debit interest.
  3. Minimum amount for interest is JOD 100.
  4. Account can be opened from any Branch or
  5. Account is available in Jordanian Dinar only.
  6. Account is supported by SMS and push notification alerts.
  7. Account can be linked as settlement account for both credit cards and loans.
  8. Benefit from iCash service.
  9. Visa debit card at zero issuance fee.
  10. Manage your account through our and keep track of your savings.
  11. Interest will be calculated on daily available balance (value dated balance), and will be deposited on quarterly basis.
  12. Interest to be entitled for income tax deduction.
  13. Interest rate is calculated based on funds amount as per the slabs below:
Amount in JOD Interest Rate
100 – 49,999 2.00%
50,000 – 99,999 2.25%
100,000 – 249,999 3.00%
250,000 – 299,999 3.25%
300,000 – 349,999 2.75%
350,000 – 399,999 2.50%
400,000 ≤ 1.00%

How to qualify:

  • Valid Identification card for Jordanians.
  • Valid passport for non-Jordanians.
  • Official identification document for minors.