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Six Winners get Six Month Instalments of their Personal Loan covered by INVESTBANK

Sun, 11/27/2016

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, announced the six winners of its personal loan campaign. Each winner had six months of their personal loan repayments covered by INVESTBANK.

The six lucky winners of INVESTBANK´s personal loan campaign, Amer Al Qsar, Anas Dardiri, Maher Mohammad, Omar Abu Hashimeh, Nadwah Al Kayyali, Hothaifa Al Omari were relieved to be the ones to enjoy the financial relief extended to them. They thanked the bank for its insightful promotion and the exceptional service they experienced.

In return, CEO of INVESTBANK, Muntaser Dawwas said, “At INVESTBANK we are driven by our passion to provide each one of our clients with advanced and comprehensive banking solutions that innovatively and flexibly meet their individual needs. Our personal loan campaign is an extension of our eagerness to show we understand their needs and relieve them of some of the financial stresses faced in today’s demanding lifestyle.”