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INVESTBANK wins Commerzbank “Excellence Award” for 2013

Tue, 11/18/2014

INVESTBANK the leading bank in providing innovative services was granted the 2013 “Excellence Award” by Germany’s Commerzbank in recognition of its unique “Straight Through Processing” (STP) transaction services. INVESTBANK won the excellence award, for the third time, for demonstrating its impeccable professionalism and efficiency in offering fully automated Euro STP services in par with international best practices and standards. “We remain committed to developing and upgrading our service, making sure that we are in par with international best practices and the latest technological trends adopted by financial service providers,” says Muntaser Dawwas, CEO of INVESTBANK. “We are highly focused on our quality of service, as well as developing our staff’s caliber. This award testifies to Commerzbank’s confidence and trust in our brand as we remain committed to offering bespoke services to our clients,” Dawwas states. Commerzbank is one of the world’s leading international commercial banks with branches and offices in more than 50 countries. A pioneer in foreign trade and financial services, the bank has become an international benchmark of quality. INVESTBANK was also recognized by Emerging Markets Payments Middle East for its Cash Rewards loyalty program offered to its credit card holders in Jordan.