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INVESTBANK unleashes the Touch ID and Quick View to their iBank Application

Mon, 06/19/2017

Dawwas: We at INVESTBANK are committed to keep our clients on the bleeding edge of technologies

INVESTBANK, the leader in providing innovative banking solutions, has new features unleashed the Touch ID access and the Quick View feature to it’s iBank mobile application

With one single touch INVESTBANK’s clients can now access their iBank app on the newest smart devices. Gone are the days of using a username and password. Besides saving time, this new login feature guarantees a quick access to their bank account in the highest privacy and secure manner

“We at INVESTBANK are committed to keep our clients on the bleeding edge of technologies.” Commented INVESTBANK’s CEO Muntaser Dawwas.

Innovating our mobile application supports the fast paced lifestyle of our clients, making it easy and fast to manage their accounts. Biometric technology has created reliable access mechanisms which guarantee only authorized identities to access their accounts securely.” Added Dawwas

Touch ID is currently available on the latest edition of iBank INVESTBANK mobile application, clients need to download the last version of the mobile application and follow the instructions to link their fingerprint to it.

Once the service is enabled, users will benefit from a fast and secure method to access their accounts instantly without the need for entering their username and password, which saves time and allows clients to manage their accounts anytime, anywhere.

The latest version of iBank also brings the new Quick View feature, which allows users to access a brief overview of their accounts and credit cards via a separate window that appears on the login page, all without the need for entering a username and password. The app has also been updated to simplify the process of making local and international bank transfers, in addition to a number of other improvements to usability and performance.