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INVESTBANK Strengthens Its Strategic Partnership with OFFTEC

Sun, 11/09/2014

OFFTEC, a subsidiary of OFFTEC Holding Group, has signed an agreement with INVESTBANK, the leader in innovative banking services, whereby OFFTEC will provide the Bank’s headquarters with printing solutions by Japanese pioneer, Kyocera, which OFFTEC is the official and exclusive dealer of in Jordan. Designed to further increase productivity, OFFTEC’s printing solutions utilize cutting-edge photocopiers, printers and scanners.

“INVESTBANK is one of our most important clients and certainly the most tech savvy, often adopting the latest technologies and services,” said Basim Said, Managing Director of OFFTEC. “At OFFTEC, we seek to provide INVESTBANK with a range of solutions that fit their needs, while delivering our trademark high quality standards and exceptional customer service. We value our partnership with INVESTBANK and commend their continuous integration of advanced technologies into their daily operations. This is true not only in terms of office supplies, but also across all aspects of their internal and external business.”

In turn, Muntaser Dawwas, Chief Executive Officer of INVESTBANK, said, “The Bank follows an innovation-centric strategy that manifests across all of our services and products. Our strategic partnership with OFFTEC has helped give rise to many of the Bank’s unique services, which rely on the latest technological solutions for their set up and launch. The most notable of these services is our automated safe deposit boxes, along with a number of other state-of-the-art devices that contribute to raising operational efficiency and improving customer service. When it comes to our daily transactions, we make sure to resort to services and solutions that facilitate our processes and raise productivity. Within this context, we look forward to continuing our partnership with OFFTEC.”

Founded in 1910, OFFTEC is a leading provider of comprehensive Banking Technologies, Office Technologies and Furniture, IT and Physical Security, IT Infrastructure, Plastic Card Technologies, and Software Solutions. Over the years, OFFTEC’s operations have grown beyond Jordan to encompass Palestine, Iraq and Sudan, further expanding its extensive regional outreach and serving a broader customer base that spans various industries. OFFTEC leverages more than 100 years of in-depth market experience, and is driven by a highly qualified workforce and longstanding partnerships with some of the world’s top market leaders and best-in-class providers.