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INVESTBANK Sponsors Youth Artists in Exhibition Organized by Petra National Trust

Mon, 12/12/2016

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, is continuing its partnership with Petra National Trust (PNT) in a series of fundraising events to support PNT’s on-the-ground mission. Renowned Jordanian sculptors were commissioned to create an artistic piece each, as well as train Petra-based youth to create their own sculptures to be included in a group exhibition that will be open to the public.

As part of its long-standing commitment and social responsibility to the community and towards ensuring environmental sustainability, INVESTBANK has maintained its support of PNT´s Cultural Education and Awareness program, which works to preserve the historical city of Petra and Jordan´s rich cultural heritage. Previously, INVESTBANK kick-started PNT´s series of fundraising events with Petra-inspired paintings from recognized local artists.

This time around, INVESTBANK´s sponsorship will go to supporting three renowned sculptors in their efforts to provide artistic sculpture pieces, which will be sold at the event to raise funds for Petra National Trust along with the workshop participant pieces that the youth will create using clay. The sculptures will then be presented at an event in February 2017 to allow the general public to witness the artistic creativity and talent of youth in Jordan.

HRH Quote: “For over ten thousand years, the people of the Petra region have used sculpture to express their creativity, document their history, and create beautiful and functional spaces. We, at the Petra National Trust, are proud to continue in that tradition today with the youth of Petra. I would like to thank INVESTBANK for their continued partnership and the talented Jordanian artists who have given of their time to work with youth in Petra. We are committed to preserving our culture and heritage by engaging young people through these workshops to think creatively, to appreciate their history and to link heritage to identity. “

Speaking of the PNT sponsorship, INVESTBANK CEO Muntaser Dawwas said: “We are particularly proud of our active involvement in the local community, which has helped us play a key role in preserving the Kingdom’s environment and rich heritage, while developing youth’s skills. This remains the core of most of our CSR initiatives. Together with the local communities, we have successfully managed to highlight the social, economic and environmental strengths in certain areas of the Kingdom, which included motivating organic farming in Ajloun. Through this most recent initiative and our cooperation with the Petra National Trust, we are hoping to shed some light on one of Jordan’s most valuable treasures, Petra, and its natural resources.”

He added: “We believe that only by striking a true balance between environmental, economic, and social activities that we can achieve real sustainability.”

As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, INVESTBANK is continuously engaged in social causes throughout Jordan, in particular those that support sustainable social and environmental development. As a result, INVESTBANK consistently remains a strong supporter of PNT´s programs, which focus on the environmental, cultural, historic and economic values of archaeological sites in Jordan such as the World Heritage Site of Petra. To create a sustainable impact, PNT organizes fun, interactive educational workshops for youth that instil a sense of identity rooted in heritage, civic engagement, an appreciation of the importance of cultural preservation and an understanding of the economic opportunities that may come from promoting local heritage. By educating youth, PNT with INVESTBANK´s support is able to provide a lasting impact that the youth may pass onto future generations.