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INVESTBANK Shows Appreciation for Pubic Security Department’s efforts

Sat, 09/13/2014

INVESTBANK extended its appreciation to the Public Security Department (PSD) for their continuous effort in protecting and maintaining the country and its citizens' safety and security.

A bank delegation visited the Criminal Investigation Department, where they met the PSD's Deputy and Assistant Director Major General Ayed Ajrami, the PSD's Assistant Director for Criminal Investigation Major General Abdul Mahdi Dmour and the director of Criminal Investigation Department Colonel Hussein Abbadi as well as senior officers.

At the meeting, Ajrami expressed the PSD's appreciation for the Bank's management and employees for their keenness to develop the country's institutions to serve the interest of the public security apparatuses, which is reflected on the security service provided to the citizens and the country's institutions. He added that the Public Security Department is following an integrated, well-studied strategy for the upcoming years and focusing on the partnership with all civil society institutions and the individuals in a way that strengthen cooperation to maintain Jordan's stability through the strategic insight of its leadership and the vision for the future of the country.

Meanwhile, Muntaser Dawwas, the Bank's CEO said that it is an honor to contribute to the redevelopment and rehabilitation of the personnel club quarters within the PSD's Criminal Investigation Department. This location receives and caters to hundreds of members who are keen to serve the nation and its people.

He added: "we are privileged and proud to cooperate with the Public Security Department as their pivotal role in serving the nation and preserving security is vital. We wanted to express our appreciation to employees of this national institution and for their continuous effort in all security based locations."