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INVESTBANK provides parents with financial tips through Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh parenting magazine

Sun, 05/26/2013

(Amman – 26 May, 2013) –Based on last year’s success, a partnership agreement was signed today between INVESTBANK, the pioneering bank in customer services, and AlMarji’ Publications, which publishes Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh parenting magazine.

According to the agreement, INVESTBANK will provide readers of Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh with financial tips on monthly basis. In last year’s Financial Bites corner in Family Flavours magazine, also published by Al Marji’ Publications, INVESTBANK empowered parents with the information needed to make sound financial decisions.

“Our experience with Family Flavours was a great success. We are delighted to renew this partnership with Al-Marji’ Publications,” says Muntaser Dawwas, Chief Executive Officer of INVESTBANK.

These articles, he adds, inform parents on important banking subjects; this assists couples in making decisions tailored to their needs, thus helping them safeguard their family’s financial future.

Topics to be highlighted in upcoming issues of Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh include how to control finances and make use of special offers from banks, especially during Ramadan, methods to monitor banking accounts while travelling and ideas on how to invest and manage money.

“Families are in need of financial advice as they plan for their children's education and look for investment opportunities to safeguard their family’s future,” commented Hind-Lara Mango, Publisher and Managing Director of Al Marji’ Publications.

Because the articles published in Family Flavours were well-received by readers, the experience is being repeated this year in Nakahat 'Ailiyeh. “We always seek to tackle issues using innovative methods. The experience we shared with the bank is a good example of this,” Mango concludes.