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INVESTBANK partners with “VALET APP ©” – the first Valet mobile application in Jordan

Mon, 01/29/2018

INVESTBANK, the leader in providing innovative financial solutions, has announced its partnership with MDR APPS LTD, the sole owner of “VALET APP” – the first highly acclaimed valet parking mobile application in the Middle East. The partnership stems from INVESTBANK’s vision to be innovative in its offering to make available a wide array of value-added services to its clients, particularly when it comes to solutions that simplify their day-to-day lives.

The first service of its kind in the Kingdom, “VALET APP” is a complete valet parking solution that automates all valet transactions for hotels, malls, retail, restaurants, hospitals, special events and more. Under this partnership, holders of INVESTBANK Signature, Platinum and Infinite credit cards will be eligible for the application’s “Fast Track” complimentary upgrade, which allows them to avoid waiting too long to receive their vehicles. Instead, the service fast-tracks them in the queue, saving them time and effort. Vehicles can also be retrieved conveniently through the app by scanning the QR code provided on the valet ticket having an option to pay by cash or by credit card.

“We are proud to introduce this innovative service to our clients,” commented INVESTBANK’s CEO, Muntaser Dawwas. “At INVESTBANK, our key priority is to provide our clients with a clear sense of added value, and to deliver services that truly make a difference in their daily lives. ”VALET APP” is innovative and disruptive to its industry and we are proud to be part of that.”

The Board members of MDR APPS expressed their pride in this strategic partnership with INVESTBANK, which is considered to be one of the leading banks in providing VIP services to its customers.

It is worth noting that INVESTBANK has signed a three-year partnership with MDR APPS LTD, the sole owner of ”VALET APP”,and is the app’s exclusive partner within the local banking sector in Jordan. The application is currently available on numerous platforms, including iOS and Android, and boasts an ever-growing network of partners around the globe.