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INVESTBANK Organizes an Educational Awareness Trip to Azraq Wetland ?Reserve

Tue, 12/20/2011

The visit comes as a part of an awareness program organized by the RSCN with the support of ?INVESTBANK to a number of nature reserves in the Kingdom to give students the ability to ?learn more about the threats that face our precious natural resources, ways to conserve ?nature, and the inspiration to make a difference in their own home towns and villages.?

After having homemade lunch at the Azraq Lodge & Visitors Center; the students, ?INVESTBANK and RSCN representatives listened to a detailed presentation on the efforts that ?are being conducted to protect the sustainability of this oasis situated in the heart of the ?desert east of the Kingdom. ?

The students learned more about all types of living things in the Azraq Wetland after the tour ?in the Interpretation Room of the Reserve. In addition to the environmental games given by ?participants from the education department of RSCN, all the students were awarded by ?INVESTBANK for their participation and their thankful efforts.?

Mr. Muntaser Dawwas, CEO of INVESTBANK, expressed his happiness in the leading role ?exerted by the Bank to guide Jordan’s new generation to learn and understand the ?importance of conserving nature and protecting biodiversity.?

He added "We hope RSCN’s awareness program would become an incentive for youth to ?recognize and perform their present and future role in applying serious and positive change in ?their surrounding environment and in Jordan’s environment as a whole.” ?

?“Spreading awareness among youth on all the dangers threatening Jordan’s nature and ?environment is totally relevant to RSCN’s role and mission. And we are extremely pleased to ?have such strong support from the INVESTBANK towards awareness programs for conserving ?nature.” Mr.Yehya Khaled, RSCN General Director.?