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Investbank Organizes Blood Donation Campaign

Mon, 09/06/2010

Investbank recently organized a blood donation campaign in cooperation with the National Blood Bank to encourage employees to come forward and donate blood and contribute in saving children's lives particularly those who suffer from Thalassemia disorder.
The campaign is considered one of the Bank’s initiatives to support the local community and a means to highlight the Bank’s role and participation in emphasizing its civil and humanitarian activities.

Mr. Jamal Fariz, Investbank Chief Banking Officer and Deputy General Manager said:" This campaign represents an important corporate social responsibility initiative towards providing life saving support; we consider this as part of our duty towards our country and people."

The one-day campaign took place at the General Management Headquarters which was equipped with all the necessary medical equipment needed for the blood donation process.

The campaign aimed at helping patients with serious heart diseases and leukemia.

Investbank employees stressed on the importance of blood donation, saying that it embodies noble and humanitarian aspects needed for any developed community that aims at achieving social solidarity, as well as strengthening a sense of belonging and loyalty.

This initiative is a part of the Bank’s humanitarian vision to support the local community, in addition to its policy in offering its clients the best services and programs throughout its nine branches across the Kingdom.