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INVESTBANK Launches the Travel Savings Account

Wed, 02/19/2014

February 19, 2014: INVESTBANK, the leading bank in client relations, has launched a distinguished account for saving in an innovative, convenient, and flexible way with every purchase made by the client through their debit card.

Through the new Travel Savings Account, clients will be able to start saving automatically by using their Visa Electron card with each purchase. The client will be able to utilize the value of saving and benefit from it at any time of the year and especially for last minute traveling. Money will be transferred automatically from the client’s current account to the savings account each time the client uses their Visa Electron card, rounding the amount spent to the nearest five or ten dinars. The difference is then transferred.

CEO of the Bank, Mr. Muntaser Dawwas, stated that the new Travel Savings Account launched by the Bank today is the most innovative banking services in the local market. This service is part of the Bank’s vision to provide modern and innovative services and solutions that proactively anticipates client expectations, keeping pace with their changing needs and requirements. He added, “The Bank strives to provide flexible solutions and tools that address the interests of clients. This approach is followed by the INVESTBANK team whom continuously focus on creating unique and diverse services for our clients.”

The Bank launched, on its social networking Facebook page,, a four-week competition asking general questions about the account and other travel related questions. Every week, one winner is awarded a prize of a Travel Savings Account worth JD 250.