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INVESTBANK Launches theNew Online Savings Account“iSaver 1” with a2.5% Interest Rate

Mon, 11/26/2012

INVESTBANK recently launched its new online savings account “iSaver 1”which grantsitsclients the bestinterest ratein town compared to other saving accounts.Clients can perform complete banking transactions online through the bank’sonline banking

All clients are capable of creatingtheir own iSaver 1account through iBank (online banking service), without the need to go tothe branch. What distinguishes iSaver 1 is its competitive interest rate 2.5% which is calculated on a monthly basis, based on the account’s average balance.This competitive rate is linked to using the iBankservice. In addition to this,iSaver1 enables INVESTBANK clients to perform all their banking transactions around the clock withtime efficiency, ease of use, and confidentiality.

Mr. Muntaser Dawwas, INVESTBANK’s CEO, said:“We at INVESTBANK aspire to progress with our service level and our innovative products to meet the growing needs of our clients. Aiming to keep pace with the latest technologies in the banking sector,we developed the iSaver 1 to interact with our iBank service in order to provide our clients with all means of comfort,at anytime and from anyplace”.

Earlier this year, INVESTBANK launched  its new enhanced  version of iBank (the online banking services); seeking to keep pace with technological developments that meet the requirements of its clients where it provides more than 48 new services and advanced features.

This version has been designed to comply with the banks’vision to present the best services with the highest efficiency and practicality. Moreover, the client will be capable of conducting all banking transactions without the need to actually visit the branch,enabling him/her to update their data anytimewith the highest level of security and confidentiality with ease and convenience.