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Wed, 06/01/2016

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, is now one of Jordan´s leading institutions for energy-efficient and renewable energy practices, after completing the installation and commissioning of a 386 kWp on-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system at its Headquarters’ parking in Shmaisani. This system is now operational and will supply up to 65 percent of the electricity needs at INVESTBANK´s headquarters, using clean, renewable solar energy.

INVESTBANK partnered with ETA-Max Energy & Environmental Solution Company, a chief/regional leader provider of innovative energy-efficiency and environmental solutions in the Middle East, to supply and install the photovoltaic system. The system consists of 1245 photovoltaic panels distributed on specially-designed canopies for the Bank’s parking lots; both the clients and the employees parking, and will provide the bank’s premises with around 664,384 kWh of electricity annually. This would save Jordan more than 305.6 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Furthermore, with the installation of the system, INVESTBANK is now aligned with the Government of Jordan´s energy sector goals and serves as a role model for other businesses in the country to follow. By 2020, the Government of Jordan aims to have renewable energy contribute to approximately 10 percent of the total energy consumed in the country.

INVESTBANK´s CEO Muntaser Dawwas recognizes the benefits that photovoltaic system offer, saying, “Our aim is to significantly reduce our environmental footprint and invest in Jordan´s goal in creating an impact in its environmental make up. INVESTBANK lead the way for other businesses to see how integrating renewable energy solutions into their infrastructure will positively affect the company´s bottom line in the long run.”

“We are proud to be INVESTBANK’s partner in being one of the leading banks in turning to renewable energy sources, this project will lead to increasing the awareness of the importance of saving energy not only on among other banks in the sector but on the national level as well”, said Prof. Mohammad Dado, CEO of ETA-max Energy & Environmental Solutions.

Given the success of the new photovoltaic system, INVESTBANK is now considering plans to expand its use of renewable energy to meet the electricity needs of its individual branches.