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INVESTBANK Launches “Tip Your Kids” New Account Especially for Kids

Sat, 12/15/2012

INVESTBANK has recently launched a new innovative product specifically designated for kids that will give parents the opportunity to save for their children's future quickly and easily.
Parents will be able to open a savingsaccount, "Tip Your Kids", for their children and start saving today for their future. The account has many features including an easy transfer in which with every purchase done using the Visa Electron card, more money will be added to the kid’s account. The bank will round up the amount spent according to the nearest amount decided by the clients and transfer the difference from their current accounts into their kids’ savings accounts.Another feature includes providing free schooling insurance for each Tip Your Kids account.

The bank’s online services (iBank) will allow clients to manage and control their kids’ accounts on the go anytime and from anywhere. A Visa Electron Card will also be provided for the child’s account for cash deposit purposes only.

Mr. Muntaser Dawwas, INVESTBANK’s CEO, said: "The launch of this productis in line with the vision of INVESTBANK to constantly diversify its products and banking services to meet new needs and requirements of its clients. It is also an innovative concept directed to parents and supporting their plans towards their children's future. Itis an opportunity to train children on good financialplanning for their future.”
"Tip Your Kids" will also help the new generation in their livesby motivating them to saveto secure their future and learn how to rely on themselves.