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INVESTBANK introduces “Your 13th salary on us” promotion for 10 winners monthly

Mon, 01/09/2017

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, introduced a new promotion; “your 13th salary on us” for their payroll accounts. The one year promotion will entitle 10 winners every month, who transfer their salaries to the bank during the campaign duration, to enter a draw to get the value of their salaries credited to their accounts. New winners will be selected each month, regardless of the salary amount, in the monthly draw.

INVESTBANK CEO Muntaser Dawwas said: “In INVESTBANK, we strive determinedly to come up with more rewarding ideas to expand our portfolio. This promotion aims to provide working clients a service to grow with, beside experiencing the benefits of our value added products and services.”

“Our success is proven by our client’s loyalty, and we are confident that the new clients will share this sentiment.” Added Dawwas.

Clients will get to enjoy a comprehensive package of salary-based benefits when transferring their salaries to the Salary+ payroll account; 2% cash back of their total local and international purchases made via their INVSETBANK Visa Electron (debit card). Withdraw up to 50 percent of their next month’s salary in advance (iCash service) through a simple request via iBank. Clients will be exempted for the salary transfers charge, minimum account deposits and VISA Electron services. Clients will also have the privilege of a preapproved five thousand Jordanian Dinar personal loan with a repayment period of sixty months.