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INVESTBANK influences Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative Brand Equity

Thu, 03/01/2018

INVESTBANK, the leader in providing innovative financial solutions, aims to economically empower theIraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative. The funds will help the local cooperative build a solid and comprehensive brand identity and to develop a forward-thinking marketing and communications strategy to support the cooperative’s business model.

“Communication plays a vital role in ensuring economicempowerment” commented INVESTBANK CEO, Muntaser Dawwas. “Through this support, the Cooperative will addressits current gaps and build their branding and marketing efforts, to effectively place and leverage their handmade recycled paper products, naturally dyed handwoven fabric, handmade ceramics, and restaurant and food services.", and pottery operations.”

Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative focuses on two primary objectives; the economic empowerment ofthe local community and the preservation of Jordan’s cultural and environmental heritage. In addition to providing stable livelihood opportunities to the women of Iraq Al Amir, the presence and active efforts of the cooperative has allowed the surrounding area to preserve much of its original architecture and visual identity, which still stands as a testament to its rich and diverse history. Supporting the cooperative in reinforcing its roots in the community and marketing its products will have a lasting positive impact on the local community, all the while inspiring similar initiatives around the Kingdom.