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INVESTBANK holds its annual team meeting

Fri, 07/13/2012

INVESTBANK has held its annual team meeting, celebrating 30 years in business. The meeting included various activities which lasted from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. This meeting stems from INVESTBANK’s policy of promoting team spirit among its employees, as well as strengthening social bonds between them in a fun atmosphere with various activities that highlight and emphasize on their values and goals.

INVESTBANK’s CEO, Mr. Muntaser Dawwas, has participated in all the activities and thanked the employees for their efforts and their hard work as he welcomed the team with a brief speech in which he announced the future plans of the bank and its current achievements.

The meeting included a gourmet lunch followed by a ceremony to honor employees who served for more than 10 years, to acknowledge their hard work and their great and active role in getting the bank to where it is today.

“For 30 years our first priority has been enhancing the social connections between the bank employees in order to create a comfortable work environment based on the communication and interaction between all the departments, as we believe that team work is the corner stone of success” said Mr. Muntaser Dawwas.

The meeting wasn’t limited to social activities, thanking the employees and reinforcing the social bonds amongst them, but it also aimed to inform them about the bank’s future plans and sharing the bank’s development process with them, as they are the momentum and the main factor for achieving success.