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INVESTBANK the first in Jordan to offer “Auto Safe Deposit Boxes”

Tue, 12/09/2014

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative services, offers the first “Auto Safe Deposit Boxes” in the Kingdom as part of its bespoke product portfolio.  “The Auto Safe Deposit Box is a technologically advanced introduced worldwide and we are offering an unprecedented product to our clients as part of our innovative services strategy.”, said Muntaser Dawwas, CEO of INVESTBANK. “

“We are proud to be the first and only bank in Jordan to offer this unique service. This investment allows us to satisfy the untapped demand of new market segments in Jordan, hence we have strategically placed them in key branches; Abdoun, Mecca Street, Emmar Towers, Shmeisani and soon, in Dabouq. ” Dawwas explained.  Offered in three standard sizes small, medium, and large; the automated safe deposit box is accessible  24/7 this means during public holidays, weekends, evenings, etc….clients can access their valuable belongings on any day at any time. 

Clients are able to access their deposit boxes using highly secure electronic cards under impeccable privacy conditions. Once the card and pin code are inserted, the auto safe box is instructed to come out automatically. The room is equipped with a safety door that locks during the time the client accesses the deposit box and never opens for two clients at a time. When the client locks the box with its key and closes the deposit box by pressing the electronic screen, the safety deposit box is instructed to return to its location automatically.